My New Project

by Chris Sanchez

I am very excited to finally have my own official website. I have thought about doing this for years and now that I have a tad bit of money saved up, (believe me it's not anywhere near where it should be) and some free time on my hands, (yeah right, between working crazy hours, attempting to study for the CFA Level I, and trying to have a social life on top of that I have no time what-so-ever) I can work and improve this here brain child.

Services like GoDaddy and SquareSpace, which are both sponsors of Diggnation and I am very proud to help them out, make site ownership and management a breeze. Without the advancements in consumer friendly services such as these, I don't think I would have anywhere near the time or money to upkeep a site.

I assume that if you have made it this far into my first post then you already know who I am but If you don't then you can always go to the "About Me" section for a mini bio on my life.

Can't wait to see how this plays out and future projects as well!