Caughing, Laughing, and Watching.

by Chris Sanchez

Well tomorrow is Friday thankfully and it is the end of a long and tough week. I have been sick all week, missed work on Tuesday because of it, and still feel/look like sh*t but I'm trying to push on through like a champ.

Having some down time, AKA laying in bed sick as a dog, has given me time to catch up on Mad Men and watch some movies that I have been meaning to see. I forgot how much I love watching movies and how you can get lost in thier magic. Sounds dumb but its nice to not think about the stresses of everyday life for an hour or two while being entertained. Unfortunately the movies that I have watched recently have just left me with the notion that I haven't found the girl of my dreams while some typical sappy love song plays in the background. I guess that means I just have to play my own real life soundtrack while living my everyday life until it comes true. Or I can just go on living life and not be considered a total freak.

Thanks for reading, or not reading. Either way I oddly feel better just by typing this and knowing that it can possibly be read by someone else.