Election Day

by Chris Sanchez

Well today is November 2nd, 2010 and it is officially election day across the US. There are a ton of important initiatives and candidate races across the country and watching the results come out is like a poor man's horse race.

It's odd how it seems like a gameshow on tv and the percentages keep rolling out and will continue to be updated until there is a clear winner. Just a curious observation.

Anyways, I am always telling people that they should vote in order to be able to complain about the issue after the fact and those who don't vote (willingly) should just shush.

I am disappointed that this is the first election that I will not be able to participate in. I attempted to Re-register in LA County since I have previously voted in Ventura County and sent in my registration with plenty of time. Thanks to our lovely bureaucratic system in place I was mailed a notice 5 days before the election stating "There was something not properly filled out on your registration form." So I then filled out (again) the registration form and at the bottom read "Must arrive at least 15 days prior to election" and I thought to myself; "Hmm, how convinient that I don't have anywhere CLOSE to that much time to get my registration in!"

So thank you state of California and County of LA for denying a willing and eager voter from participating. Not like there were any 'good' candidates to vote for anyway. It seems to always come down to the lessor of two evils in any election.

Well I hope that YOU voted and made a difference today cause I know I would have liked to.