The Weight Is Lifted!

by Chris Sanchez

So I finally feel a ton of weight off my shoulders tonight for the first time since I graduated from college. I took the CFA Level I exam and it was definitely the hardest test that I have taken. I'll get the results in six weeks or something but with an average pass rate of only 30% I'm not giving my hopes up. I'm just glad that I got through it and not have a bright fresh future to look forward too. I was woefully un-prepared yet it was as hard as I was expecting it to be.

Now that that is all over with I can look forward to enjoying the holidays with family and friends and hopefully start back on my workout routine that I am missing dearly. Being sick doesn't speed that up any but I feel even worse when I don't have the gym as an outlet.

Halfway through my x-mas shopping, which is WAY ahead of where I usually am at this time, and I will be very happy once I am finished with it. For some reason I typically end up shopping for myself as much as I do for others so I need to not spend any extra time shopping.