The Contemplations of Life

by Chris Sanchez

Things tend to not just “fall into place” on their own. You definitely need a strategy and a deliberate set of actions to move forward in life. If you put your nose to the grindstone and really work on building your “Personal Worth”, you’ll start to see things fall into place but not the way the movies portray, or how people expect it to happen. As you become an invested and contributing member of “society,” however you want to portray that stereotype is up to you, you’ll start to become a more positive and confident person. When these start to build, you will open yourself up to more people, experiences, and situations that you wouldn’t have previously. This all leads to that “falling into place” mentality. They don’t fall into place because you’re passively sitting on your couch and not interacting with the world around you, they are falling into place because you’re out in the world achieving goals and aspirations. Don’t get lost in the romantic comedy syndrome of thinking it’s all going to be alright on its own. Go out there and accomplish whatever it is that will make you happy.


Currently I am happy. I like my job. I like the people I work with. I like my friends. Life is good. But I am always thinking towards the future. What’s my next step? Where do I want to be in 5, 10, 20 years? It’s hard to plan for very far in the future but I do know that I would like to keep active and always be working on something. I definitely got the workaholic gene passed down to me. Sometimes this overtakes my personal life and I am trying to make sure that I allocate my time more wisely these days in order to not let that happen. I have a rolodex of ideas floating around and once I get a solid foundation and start building upon that, I should be in a great position to work  on the project(s) that I truly believe in. For instance, I want to keep more up-to-date on this site since I would love to keep building it out. I don’t really have any expectations for where I want this site to go but it has been a great learning tool as a real world example of many facets pertaining to the internet, website building/design, and implementation. This is all useful knowledge in my field of work in the tech industry and hope to carry it onto every aspect of my life.


This is just one example of how I am trying to better myself, and my position in life. I think this experiment called life has given me plenty to be happy about. As I keep moving on personally and professionally, I want to make sure that I’m continuously upholding my own standards and never waiver from them. I shouldn’t be to tough on myself, but without a little tough love from yourself, who else is going to care enough to push you along?