The Holiday Season Is Upon Us

by Chris Sanchez

Well it’s indeed that time of year again where we get to splurge and not feel guilty about it, until January 1st… or 2nd that is. I don’t often take time to reflect on the past year, or my accomplishments to date but it seems to be the most common time of the year to reflect so why not offer my input to possibly encourage others to generate some growth for themselves.


As I stand (or sit on the CalTrain) here now, I don’t feel all that different from one year ago. When you think about long spans of time, such as a year or years at a time, you feel like its just life moving along. It’s when you look into the details of those years where you feel the accomplishments and progress fully. During the year of 2011 I have seen major changes and improvements in my life. Almost one year ago I was making the ultimate decision to pick up my entire life and move it ~350 miles north for a change of pace and faces. That decision was officially started 5 months later and I was entirely moved 2 months after that. It seemed to crawl when it was happening and now it’s already a blur. Since my life’s upheaval I have seen a streak of 6 months pass by me. I was thankful to be able to land a job after not having anything lined up previous to moving. The economic climate of this last year wasn’t exactly favorable to those unemployed and looking for employment so quitting my job without having anything secured was sketchy at best. However, I had confidence in myself enough that I was never as worried as I probably should have been. It’s said that those who are fully knowledgeable about their realistic chances of success fair worse than those who go in slightly ignorant. Perhaps I wasn’t fully aware of the worst-case scenario but I didn’t bat an eye when it came to decision-making.


Looking at everything that has happened this year in my life I feel like I’ve gotten much done to be proud of. (Ending sentences with prepositions however is still on my “to do” list) I hope if you are reading this that you care enough about your own personal welfare to look back on the previous year and really evaluate what you were able to accomplish and how far you’ve come in 12 months. If you feel a little underwhelmed with what you were able to do in 2011 then I hope this motivates you to strive for more. If you’re happy with yourself in the last year then bask in pride and strive to make 2012 an even better year. No matter how you end up feeling, I hope you truly set aside some time to reflect and set goals to grow as a person.