Rdio.com > Pandora

by Chris Sanchez


I heard about rdio.com a couple months ago and finally got around to trying it out. Think Pandora meets iTunes store. The selection that is offered by Rdio is surprisingly diverse. I immediately went on and searched for several obscure artists to see exactly how good the library was, and Rdio had 4 of the 5 artists that I searched for. A great feature of the site is that if you like a particular song that comes up, you can choose to listen to the entire album by that artist if you’d like. Unlike Pandora where you have ZERO control over song selection, Rdio lets you choose exact songs to add to your “Queue.” Another great feature is that if you own a smart phone, either iOS, Android, or Blackberry based, you can take Rdio on the go and listen to it anywhere. This feature will cost you $9.99 a month but to have full access to all the web based streaming it is only $4.99 a month.

Go get a 7 day free trial and try it out for yourself!