Personal Worth: Building Yourself Up, Out, and Onward in Life.

by Chris Sanchez

We all want something out of life. Some of us know exactly the path we want to take and others are open to see where it takes us, but moving forward to something else is inevitable. Not only embracing what you have but building upon that to keep pushing for a better you is vital.


Yeah yeah, we’ve all seen the Motivational Posters in classrooms and cheesy offices but they offer something that everyone can use, a reminder to keep thinking. Yes it sounds simple enough but when you get into a groove and a schedule in your life you get comfortable. Now being comfortable can be a good thing, but at the same time you need to make sure that you are focused on the long term goals that you want out of life. Whatever your beliefs are religiously, spiritually, or lack there of, the only solid guarantee is that we know we have our current lives to live. Long term goals don’t have to be written in stone but you should have a general idea of your progression in life.

Having long term goals in life is the easy part, making specific decisions in life is the hard part. I thought I knew exactly what I wanted to do in life six years ago. Three years ago. And a year ago. Each time the plan changed it wasn’t a momentous life changing experience. The decisions that I made simply felt right and seemed to help me move forward to somewhere I wasn’t currently at in life, and that’s exactly what I was looking for.

I have people in my life that influence me in good ways, I have others that don’t have an impact, but the key for me is that I don’t let anyone affect me in a negative way. That’s not to say there aren’t negative people in my life, but the choices that they make don’t affect me because I don’t let them. “Being Positive” is such a burnt our phrase and idea but it’s effective in its simplicity. “If it doesn’t make you money or make you happy, don’t do it.” – Adam Carolla. Initially you may feel like this has a much more negative connotation than a positive one, but of course that depends on who you are. Most of the time helping others really does make me happy, and I try to be a positive influence in my everyday life as much as possible. Other times you’re just having ‘one of those days’ and need to put blinders on to the world. Knowing we all have those unavoidable days every-now-and-again helps to realize that being positive most of the time can help others simply have a better day, which in turn makes me happy.

I hope this gets you thinking about your daily life and whether or not you need to make changes to progress further as a person. If you aren’t already on your way to where you want to go in life, then take a step back and think about the very next thing you are going to do after reading this article. Are you a generally happy person with positive influences and an achievable goal for the near or distant future?