(In)Significance of Life

by Chris Sanchez

I'm constantly thinking about the significant and insignificant in our lives. How much importance we put on things like "New Years Eve" when it is in fact just another night with whatever man made significance we invented for it. But for the reason of needing something significant occur in our lives it gives us excitement to welcome a new calendar year into our lives. A “Fresh Start,” if you will. I don’t mean to write this to lessen or demean the importance of the events in our lives, but rather write this to clear my head on just the confusing nature us humans are constantly putting ourselves into.

Another one of the biggest, most significant, things in our lives are the relationships we build with other people. Family, friends and loved ones all matter a great deal to us, but we brush off strangers without batting an eye because they aren't familiar to us. It's just very strange to me how we seek attachment to others in order to build meaning, or whatever it’s for, but as soon as there’s a breakdown in any type of relationship we are supposed to just move on. Putting so much emphasis on the one’s we love and then having to end that connection in our brains and trek forward seems at odds.

Being someone who hasn’t “fallen in love” with a girl is tough, but I think having to let someone go that you do, or rather did, love would be impossibly taxing. I have had my fair share of relationships go to the way-side and some more than others were much tougher to deal with. I just don’t look forward to the day I have to turn off that switch to someone I truly love. Right now I guess I’m facing the reality of saying “goodbye” to someone that I was hoping would be in a much more involved part of my life for much longer but that is not the case. Now having to deal with these feelings and my reactions to them all over I must progress forward and continue the journey we all are on of this crazy thing called life. Good luck out there in the new year! And as always, thanks for reading!