Importance of Liking What You Do

by Chris Sanchez


I often think about life as a whole and the limited time that we have to enjoy it. A major part of our lives is having a job in order to afford some of life’s luxuries. The lifestyle of previous generations was to get a steady career and stay with the same company for 20-30 years until you retire. As of late, there is a new philosophy gaining strength about how to approach what you “do” for a living. We are starting to realize that staying with the same company for that length of time isn’t exactly ideal for the purposes of being able to enjoy our lives. We are figuring out that perhaps liking what you do for a living is a better route than bending yourself to the will of whatever job your holding down until retirement. This movement or philosophy isn’t new by any means, but it’s becoming much more mainstream. I allowed this rule of thumb to permeate into my life after I graduated from college and had some free will to move about. This way of life isn’t for everyone however. There are people in situations, such as those with a family to support, who cannot afford the luxury of just quitting their job because they don’t like it. Having something lined up as far as a next job is concerned is paramount because you are responsible for other human(s) lives. It would be beyond irresponsible to live with the philosophy if that is your situation, but assuming you’re in good financial standing with a family or you have no family and a little bit of money saved up, I think this train of thought goes a long way in the happiness in one’s life.


Moving from one job to another, at a more frequent rate, is more mainstream than it has ever been in today’s day and age. It is not nearly frowned upon to have several jobs within only a couple years timeframe assuming you’re not burning any bridges along the way. Your reputation in the world is still all-important over anything else. By burning bridges and leaving companies inappropriately you only hurt yourself in future expenditures. When you think about anything of value in this world there is none more valuable than the relationships that you form in your lifetime. These connections go far when dealing with others you either know or don’t know in getting what you’d like to get out of life. I’ve talked about these subjects before, and will be a continuing theme throughout 2012’s postings because I truly believe that life is what you make it, and these make life because they are “It.”


An age-old adage states; “Live life to it’s fullest.” We accept this without really knowing how to go about truly living by this advice. I understand that I need to “make the most of my life”, and to “not squander my opportunities”, but this is much harder said than done. If there is anything that I have learned over the last couple of years it’s that there is no such thing as perfect timing. You need to make specific and deliberate moves in your own life to own what you do and what direction your life is going. Life takes work. It takes a LOT of work. But if you can situate yourself to enjoy that work as much as possible, then this so-called journey of life will all be worth it to whatever “end” you believe in.