Consumption of Knowledge

by Chris Sanchez

I feel that the consumption of knowledge is ever increasing. Throughout history inventions were created for the purpose of gathering information and delivering it to more people. This goes from the chiseled stone tablet to today’s version of the internet. I say “today’s version” because in it’s relatively short history, the internet has gone through several major changes and it will continue to evolve and progress.

By having this large amount of information available at all times it is easy to get over whelmed. I constantly feel as though the ever-increasing knowledge thrown at me* is a pressure that is almost unbearable at times. This is mainly because I’m one whom is in constant need of learning and with so much knowledge available to me I feel as though I simply come to an impasse as to where I should even start. Reading about life organization and improvement helps to direct the actions of this process to an extent, but I feel as though there is still more I need to do before I even start sometimes.

My main frustration comes from knowing what’s going on in the world, but getting those enlightened “Ahh Ha!” moments are becoming further and further apart. When those come in life I feel I’ve been jolted with a shock to my system and can start full steam ahead once again. It is hard to really know what actions I should take that will facilitate more of these to happen since creating these moments non-organically is an insincere moment of inspiration.

For now all I can do is to push ahead, learn as much as I can but still be able to shut off my brain and really focus on “re-setting” my pent up frustrations in order to disallow them from blocking my continued progress. My constant goal is to improve myself each and every day. Small, even minute steps, will add up in the long run.

I hope if you’re feeling my same frustrations you’re able to find some peace every now and then in order to continue to grow.



*3D TV’s are able to pull this off literally now.