The Reality of American Space Exploration (Why We Should Immediatly Double NASA's Budget)

by Chris Sanchez

I want to direct your attention to something very important. Many people are asking; Why fund NASA? It's just a large waste of money that we don't have to spend. I say to them, you have a camera in your phone... all thanks to Hubble. So have you thought about the true implications if NASA was never in existence? And how about the future of technological advances with the poor under-funding that we are doing today?

The below video is quick and insightful thanks to Neil deGrasse Tyson and the editors of the video. He perfectly summarizes the history of NASA, its accomplishments, and the entire disregard of late for how important NASA actually is to our society. There is one quote from this video that continually agrivates me ever since I originally heard him say it is as follows: "The bank bailout of 2008 was greater than the entire sum of the running 50 year budget of NASA."




This video is a quick 5 minutes and a great summary of information, but if you find this intriguing and want to learn more, you can read a great article by Neil deGrasse Tyson that he wrote for Foreign Affairs.