The Search of Something Great

by Chris Sanchez

Much of the reading that I do is of the non-fiction variety. This involves mostly "How To’s" (mainly with regards to continuously improve my life) and about the state of the world around us. I seem to have been in a constant search for finding that key item in life that I want to grab onto and excel in for quite some time now. The idea spark has yet to hit me but I feel that every day I make a conscience effort to find and define my true passions; I'm always one step closer to actually implementing that.

I feel my true passion for technology, cars, physical fitness, and sports will play a vital role at one point or another, but fitting that puzzle together and actually building those blocks into something fun and potentially life-sustaining is a whole other ball game of craziness. I find that I also excited about the possibility of creating content for others that they will enjoy. Every time I see new episodes of certain podcasts released, I get a little extra 'pep' in my step and can't wait to listen to them. I just think it'd be great to give back that kind of joy to others at some point in my life.

Then on a totally different side I see myself helping to make peoples’ lives better, not through the entertainment channel, but in the personal or professional manner. Helping someone become better at what they do, or what they would like to learn to do, is another thing that peaks my interest. I'm lucky and fortunate enough to have had great experiences and met great people thus far in my life and only hope to repay the favor in one way or another.