I Suck At This Whole Website Thing

by Chris Sanchez

Well it is already 2013 and I yet again neglected to really touch or update this at all. I started the year somewhat strong but by the time my life was making some changes all went out the window. I will attempt to have a better presence and get more involved, not that anyone is actually waiting for updates or my thoughts posted here, but more for me. I have gotten to a plave over the last 6 months were I finally feel "settled in" in a good way and loving what I do professionally has a lot to do with that. I feel like putting too much emphasis on your work is unhealthy but it gives me a sense of purpose and drive. I will never be satisfied with what I am able to achieve in life, or at least it feels that way, but I'm hoping to spend 2013 enjoying the ride of life as much as possible. This year will mark a quarter of a century that I have been alive yet I feel there is SO much more out there for me to experience that there aren't ever enough hours in the day or years in one's life to accomplish all there is to. I will do better. I will spend my time wisely. I won't argue or sweat the small stuff. I will love myself and those around me.