Constant Neglect/Constant Improvement

by Chris Sanchez

It seems that no matter what's going on in life, things are getting neglected at all times.  There's this invisible scale that takes up your time. As you add items taking your attention the other side, or items, add up as well since we have limited time and focus. It's a constant struggle to keep the important items balanced out and not forget about the neglected, but useful, stuff.

Work, sleep, social life, down time, relationships, working out... And the list goes on. The major struggle for me is that certain ones take president and almost always should, but life and it's priorities change over time and adapting to that change is key. I haven't been good at many things in life but I'm trying to improve as time progresses.

I tend to focus on the negative in life, as I think a lot of others do as well naturally, because it has a greater emotional toll and response from us. I know and am aware of the progress I'm making in life but I feel that the "unknown" of what I'm not currently doing or working on has this mystique about it since it isn't in front of my eyes or tangible. I tend to not focus on the day-to-day steps being made on the focused items in my life but rather the disintegrating parts left to wither or not exist at all. 

One of Jim Harbaugh's (49ers head coach) favorite quotes goes; "You are getting better or you are getting worse. You never stay the same." I feel this is so indicative of life since each aspect is either getting better (the stuff you're focused on) or worse (the neglected rest).

SF Quote.jpg

I have to do a better job of remembering that there are things getting better while I typically think about the stuff getting worse. The hard part for me is finding that balance where I'm happy with the progress and subsequent deterioration of each aspect of my life. Of course I want to do the best I can at my job but at what cost will my relationships suffer? I really want to travel and see other cultures to enrich my life, but at what cost to my career progression and development? These are the struggles that I'm sure most people have and must face, or ignore if they so choose, but I'm fixated on trying to better myself yet my opportunity costs are always weighed in heavily on my mind.

This seems to be in the vain of finding the "work/life balance" we all strive for but it goes much deeper than that because you have options beyond that. It seems that with the limitless moves to make I'm frozen in decision making at times. I have a vision of the path that I'd like my life to take but that path has changed course several times over the past several years from the decisions that I've already made (and not made). I'm realizing that this is never going to stop. That I'm forever in flux as life moves forward. I just need to make sure that as time forces me through life that I'm not in a daze or too focused on what isn't happening and be more in-the-moment for what is actually being focused on/happening/improving.