Sporadic Life

by Chris Sanchez

My posts seem to be further apart these days. Life is busy but then again when is it not. I can't always use that excuse for my neglect here as well as the rest of my life. I think about people with "real" problems or even kids. Now they truly don't have time to themselves. I live on my own. No roommates to bother me when I get home. No one in the shower or using the kitchen. I should have all the time in the world. But after work all I want to do is shut off my brain, melt into my couch and laugh to comedians making with the funny on At Midnight. This isn't always possible though because I have some inner drive that kicks me in the ass and gets me to the gym 3-4 times a week. Lately I've been going 5 days a week and that's no easy task. It takes time and dedication but if I can make it work with the gym I need to dedicate that effort to other facets of my life.

Dating sucks and it's expensive. I feel even with online dating I could go on 100 dates, spend way too much money and not find the girl for me. Options these days are seemingly unlimited and completely limiting at the same time. I was listening to an NPR segment regarding the world of dating and how when you run the numbers for your preferences in an ideal match you get down to nearly zero potential matches. It's tough for me to imagine "settling" for the rest of my life just to not spend it alone. It doesn't seem fair to me or her. But that seems to be how society has operated for thousands of years before the internet and endless options were around. I don't know if I'll be able to find the ideal match for me using the internet and dating apps but I'll make sure to kick that personal drive into overtime to make sure I don't settle.