Stop and Breathe for Inspiration at 30k Feet.

by Chris Sanchez

Yes it has been 10 months since my last post. I'm fully aware but in my defense... ok it's the same boring excuses I've always used. I lead a (seemingly) busy life but I recently got inspiration to post again so here I am.

Ok now that we're all good I will continue. I've always been intrigued by "self help-esque" and betterment books, articles, etc. I have a strong drive to keep pushing forward. Whether that's in my career, in relationships, or just in myself. This is what leads me to read and be interested in this genre of information. Some of the recent books include: Play It Away10% Happier and The Charisma Myth. The underlying principles for most of these are very similar in nature however I think it's the persistence in the messaging that really drives home the initiatives for me.

The most recent article that sparked my interest to really write this article was "33 Ways To Be An Insanely Productive, Happy Balanced Person." I feel like I'm similar to most online readers as I'm attracted to "Lists" of most types, except I typically avoid the BuzzFeed lists because let's be honest, they aren't THAT great. Anyways, the items within the article itself are pretty solid but they aren't really what encouraged me to write once again in almost a year.

What did was the final line of the article; "Keep balance, keep working and stay happy!" I read this and at that very instant I thought, I am truly happy. I know I'm typically not a "sour puss" to those who know me because I always try to keep a positive demeanor but it's always a long road to happiness. Of course it's not a state to be forever in but that's really to goal, at least for me it is. I want to be as happy a person as I can for as many hours, minutes, seconds in a row that I can be. At this moment and for the time being I'm truly happy. I may be shoved in a tight airplane seat, 30k feet above the Colorado/Utah boarder heading home to the Bay but it's not stopping me from being happy. I love my job. It may get on my nerves and I may have issues with certain aspects but overall it's a fantastic job. My coworkers, many of whom I can call friends, are amazing, hardworking people. The work isn't rocket science but it takes a certain skill to perform at a high level and succeed at it. I've gotten into a great groove in being happy with who I am and comfortable in my own skin. I'd say the personal development piece has always been in motion since I can remember but it's a long road and will continue to be a challenge for self improvement and self love. I'm just happy I can acknowledge that I'm in a cohesive place in life. Living on my own for the last 15 months has really taught me to enjoy the time I get to spend with myself. It has also shown me where someone else can present themselves and make you happy in a different kind of way. Unfortunately things simply don't fall into place magically on their own. It does take work on your part to take the reigns and "get shit done" as an old Bluekai saying goes. Now it seems like I'm rambling a bit. My apologies. Moving on.

I just want more people to be happy. Stop, breathe and feel the sun on your face. Taking just a minute to be thankful in the moment does wonders for your attitude and outlook. Things won't be perfect all the time but it's important to do your part in being happy. Now I will go back to my never ending self improvement. And of course remember... Keep balance, keep working and stay happy!