Hobbies and Interests and... Bears!? Oh My!

by Chris Sanchez

I've written previously about a well balanced life and feel it's important. "What hobbies do you have?" Is a common question that you get when talking with people and I used to respond; "I don't really have any." This was wrong but I wasn't putting together that my interests are indeed "hobbies" even if they aren't in the traditional sense like wood working or model building. 

Hobbies are an important aspect to keeping happy, healthy and focused in life (or perhaps distracted). 

Photography, travel, tv shows, movies, video games; The list goes on and everyone has different interests that they prefer. I myself love both relaxing and working with my hands so depending on which mood I'm in will determine what I might do on any given day. I tend to get excited or motivated at certain times where I'm all about working with my hands and that outlet tends to end up having to do something with my car. Other times I'll just want to kick my feet up and enjoy some entertainment whether it's sports on the tv or a movie. 

Interestingly enough, time of year also plays into account. Sports are year round and I enjoy watching or going to live sporting events but the type of sport may determine how I'm enjoying it. Winter is when I can hit the mountains and do some snowboarding while the other seasons I don't have a personal sport of choice. 

Im going to explore the various hobbies and interests I have in upcoming posts. I tend to use this as an outlet to express myself but if I happen to help inform or inspire others with what I write, all the better.