Find Yourself In The Sea Of Life

by Chris Sanchez

You can read tons of articles or hear countless stories of heartbreak but until you go through it yourself, you never truly know what it feels like. It's one of the most paralyzing and defeating things to go through in life. I truly know and understand this now. The reason that so many songs are written about heartbreak is that it affects one so deeply that you can't help but feel the need to try and understand it anyway you can. 

The overwhelming flood of numbness, sadness and emotion that hit you in the beginning seems unbearable at times. Just the pure mention of a name, place or memory that reminds you of that person so dearly, can wreak havoc on your current state. Talking through that pain with the ones closest to you is imperative. They can help you get through that initial storm of uncertain waters. It might seem unclear where you're headed but the people you look to for help guide you through as though they are a compass to clarity.

I promise that time will heal you but it's certainly tough to see in those first few weeks or months even. I listened to advice from friends, loved ones and podcasts. They were hugely beneficial in helping me discover peace within as well as true happiness. I can now go outside, look up at the sky, take a deep breath and be completely at peace. It's odd how a cloudless, sunny day can reinforce the calmness and acceptance in my life so easily now. I can be myself, happy and free, without the hesitation of not being sure what I should say or do. The littlest things could trigger me to be frustrated and get upset for hardly a reason at all. I am now able to truly let it go because I've fully realized that I don't need to stress about what's not all that important. 

This journey as of late has shown me a couple things that I didn't actively realize beforehand. I have an amazing support network of friends and family that I can go to for anything and be supported throughout. I don't need to stress about the little things that I can't control and that don't matter in the big picture. Try and stay present in every moment you can. It's as easy as taking a deep breath a couple times a day and looking around you. Feel your environment and what it has to offer right now. It's imperative that you learn this key skill, as it can help in so many facets of life. It's the sole reason that meditation is so popular. Being able to stay present and just "be" is the ultimate goal of so many who try and fail continuously. 

As Neil deGrasse Tyson said on his most recent episode of the Nerdist podcast; “While you’re invited to reflect on the past and imagine a future. Do not lose sight of the fact that we are prisoners in the present, forever transitioning from our past to our future.”

Enjoy Your Burrito!