Changing of Life Chapters

by Chris Sanchez

There are times in your life where you know, while in the moment, it’s going to be life altering and you should try and savor it as much as possible. This for me was the past three years.

I joined the small Bluekai family and we were quickly acquired by Oracle. Our ODC family has grown from about 75 people to now over 800. I know how special a team we have and it's been quite a joyous time in my life. The professional relationships and personal friendships that I’ve built are very near and dear to me. I’m truly grateful for the memories, support, and love I’ve received. I truly hope I’ve reciprocated to others, as much as they have given me.

Not everything lasts forever though and it’s time to start a new chapter in my career. These past three years have provided me with some of the largest personal growth I’ve seen in my life. If that trend continues then I can’t even predict where I’ll be in another three years. For now though, I’ll enjoy this final week with my ODC family and worry about the future as it becomes the present.

The next professional chapter in my book of life will be titled: “Google."