Reflection: One Year Later

by Chris Sanchez

On this cold and foggy Sunday morning, I've had some time to reflect on my life a bit. In two days I'll hit my one year mark at Google. It's kind of hard to imagine to be honest. You hear from those older than you that "months become weeks and weeks become days" but it's tough to contemplate until you see it happen. I'm pretty sure this is because of relativity but that's just my naive assumptions about how time works. A year when you're 10 years old is 10% of your life but a year when you're 30 is only 3.3% of your life so it seems like less time because it is relative to one's age. Regardless, the self-reflections seem to come more often for me these days.

This past Christmas I was fortunate enough to receive "Tribe of Mentors" by Tim Ferriss from a friend of mine. In my reading of that I came across the entry on Tim Urban. He peaked my interest enough to check out his website and while looking through that came across a post he did that completely blew me away. I mean, this post reflects EXACTLY what I've been searching and growing to learn in my own life over the last couple years. My own journey summary was mostly detailed in my previous post from last year but he eloquently and so thoroughly explained everything I have been discovering it's uncanny. It's a long post but in my humble opinion it was life changing, or life affirming, that someone else is so deeply rooted in the same ideals as myself.

Being in my new role at a new company has also given me a greater appreciation for what I have. It's good to have reminders of what I do have in order to keep grounded in a place of gratitude. That is my best route to observing happiness. Reflecting on the good in my life, the achievements I've reached, and the people that support me on a daily basis.

I am also realizing more and more that I need to make better use of my situation and flexibility when possible. We had a team offsite this past week and a lot was made of making sure there's a good work-life balance for all of us. This certainly has not been the case for me in many years and something I need to get better at each and every day. I'm fortunate enough to not have to be in the office each day yet I tend to go in regardless. I have the opportunity to work from home or from offices all over the world if I so choose. This is a situation that I should be taking more advantage of while I can as it certainly won't always be afforded to me in this same manner.

This all leads back to my continued journey of growth and reflecting upon that path. I know I always mention that these posts are few and far between but they come when they should. When I have the time and feel it's necessary to express what is circling in my head. Until the next one, I wish you health and wisdom.